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self-tape studio

What makes an excellent self-tape? The answer is simple. Professional camera,  lights and sound recording are important, however, the difference maker will always be you and your performance. So, at the akta self-tape studio, you don't just gain access to cinema grade camera, lighting and sound equiptment. But a space that allows you to focus completely on the acting. No flatmates, no zoom readers, no iPhones balancing on ironing boards.

What would your career look like if you filmed every self-tape in a proffessional studio?

For £29.99 a month... why not find out?

Bridgerton's Lucas Aurelio with a recent self-tape for Disney and ABC.

Sign up to a monthly subscription and get your first tape free with our
14-day free trial, or enjoy £59 off with an annual membership.

  • TeamAkta BIFA - Monthly

    Every month
    Film every self-tape in our professional studio
     14 day free trial
    • FREE industry support
    • UNLIMITED access to the akta self-tape studio
  • TeamAkta BIFA - Annual

    Film every self-tape in a professional studio
    Valid for 12 months
    • FREE industry support
    • UNLIMITED access to the akta self-tape studio


How much is membership?

£29.99 per month

How many self-tapes can I film per month?

As many as you want, it's unlimited

Do you provide a reader?


How do I book a session?

We have a members app that you can use, alternatively, drop us an email

Can I use the studio to practice?
No, the studio is just for auditions

When will I receive my tapes?

Within 24 hours

How do I get my tapes?

Via WeTransfer portal

Have you booked any big jobs for your clients? 


Like what?

Netflix, House of the Dragon, Disney, Marvel, HBO, BBC etc etc etc

Will filming my tapes with you make all my dreams come true? 

Legally, we can't say yes... but we're not saying no either! 

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