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Akta Photography is a leading portrait photography company, based in Great Western Studios. Specialising in actor headshots and career development, we are the first headshot company to support actors in using their portraits effectively, working hard to aid the industry that we love.  

by actors, for actors. 

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Studio Manager & Career Consultant


Founder & CEO

born in lockdown

Akta Photography was founded during the national Covid-19 lockdown. The pandemic was hard for everyone but raised particular challenges for the creative industry. As photographers and filmmakers, we saw an opportunity to help performers get back on the horse, with our ‘Pay What You Can Headshot Initiative’: Offering actors the chance to refresh their headshots at whatever price they could afford to pay. The response was unbelievable and in our first month, we were able to support more than 50 actors. 
Moving forward, we made this a cornerstone of our practice, regularly offering PWYC shoots as well as monthly promotions to help actors where ever possible.
but it doesn't stop there...

No headshot photographer offers actors the level of support that we do. We want to help you grow your career from the foundation up. Being photographed by Akta photography gives you access to an exclusive network of performers and creatives, along with access to members-only workshops with industry-leading agents, casting directors and directors. As well as casting opportunities from some of our favourite casting directors and, of course, in any of our Akta Productions Films. 
An Akta headshot is more than a photograph. It's a place in a community that can support you in opening doors to an industry that is infamously difficult to access. 

it all starts with your headshot

We believe the most important aspect of headshot photography is capturing you, exactly as you are. We aim to take beautiful, charismatic photographs, that bring out the uniqueness of you. Injecting a little 'hygge' into your photoshoot.


 “Hygge is a Scandinavian word for a mood of cosiness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment.”